New Listings!

Hey guys, long time no blog, as per usual! We are finally seeing some sun here in Wisconsin and it’s a beautiful sight, it’s hard not to have your spirits lifted after seeing the long awaited sun. Things are still pretty slow at work until we pick up to our normal chaos of busy season in the spring, so I’ve had some time to scrounge for vintage goodies! I’m sharing some of my favorite finds with you below. What do you love to look for when you’re out and about thrifting!? Anything you’d like to see in the Bee’s Knee Etsy Shop? Let me know, I’d love to look for you!

blog1How darling is this set of retro drinkware!? I found these perusing my favorite antique mall in Appleton, WI, that I don’t get to visit to often since we’re so far away now. Link to buy:

blog2Who knew such a product existed?! When I stumbled upon these at an estate sale, I couldn’t pass them up! The drink accessory you didn’t even know you needed! Link to buy:

blog3I found this darling duo at the same estate sale I found the Hi Jacs. Sure, they have a bit of missing paint, but lots of charm! Link to buy:

blog4Who knew such a product existed!? I love the idea of a 60’s mama breaking out a set like this while she has the girls over for brunch. Who knows the gossip this dish set has overheard!? Link to buy:

blog5I had a bunch of candlestick holders leftover from our wedding and they all sold very quickly! I’ve been keeping my eye out for more and find two of the above in their original packaging. So pretty! Link to buy:

Check out all of the items above and tons more online at the Bee’s Knee! Click the logo below to check it out. logo





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