Manic Monday: 2016 Goal Check-In



In an effort to make myself accountable for the goals I’ve set, I’m going to try and check in on myself and my progress throughout the year. A little over 3 months into the year and I can tell I’ve still got some work to do! Did you set goals for yourself this year? Have you been sticking to them? Let me know in the comments!

Volunteer: I haven’t done this yet this year, BUT I have filled out the paperwork, and signed up for a volunteer training session at our local Humane Society. So this one is a work in progress!


Run More, Run Faster: So far so good on the goal of continuing to run. But running more and faster hasn’t happened. Things have gotten really busy at work and it’s always really hard to keep up with everything I have to do until busy season is over with, in the fall. Still, Pip and I managed to sneak in a virtual 5k and I plan to run some longer races this year.

Read More Books:  My goal for 2016 is to listen to 12 audio books and read at least 4 books. So far I’ve listened to 4 audio books and I’m still working my way through reading my first book of the year.


Be Nice to my Husband: You’d have to ask my husband, but I think I’ve been pretty nice to him so far this year. Sure, sometimes I can be annoying and sassy, but I’ve been consciously making an effort to be more kind and patient instead of unnecessarily jumping off the deep end. Having Daily Marriage Prayers emailed right to my inbox certainly helps me keep sticking to this goal. He makes it pretty easy too!

Other Goals Include (But are not limited to!)

Get a tattoo–Not yet! 

Go on more adventures–I kind of forgot about this one, which is why I’m glad I’m checking in!, but I really haven’t been that adventurous this year! I’m going to try visit one place each month that I’ve never visited before.

Be a better friend–I think I could still work on this one. When I set this goal, I set it hoping to make more time for my friends; pick up the phone, schedule lunches, etc, etc…But life is so busy. Does anybody have any recommendations for staying in touch with friends amid the chaos of everyday life? I’d love to hear them! 

Send out Wedding Thank You’s (Long overdue, but they will get out!) 

Clean out my closet and wardrobe


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