Blog Your Girlfriend: Alyssa B

Congratulations! You are reading the first Blog Your Girlfriend post. This is a new monthly series you’ll {hopefully} find on the first Friday of every month over here at the Bee’s Knee. I’m reaching out to my girlfriends and their girlfriend’s girlfriend’s and so on and so forth, and getting to know them. The goal is to ask them questions that we wouldn’t think to ask each other in everyday conversations. It has helped bring my friends a little closer to me, because they’re willing to share a place of their heart with me that they haven’t before. It’s very exciting that my gal pal, Alyssa, is the first Blog Your Girlfriend  Gal to be featured, because she has literally been helping this blog get off the ground running since 2013. So without further ado, here you are!



About Alyssa:

I’m a full-time journalist in beautiful Door County, WI where I get the opportunity to report about blossoming cherry trees (did you know DC is like the only place in the state to grow cherries?), a lot of local government happenings and my new favorite thing: boats. There are boats everywhere up here!
1 // Where do you seek inspiration? My mom, grandmas, closest friends and God.
2 // What makes your heart sing? Seeing Eli after he returns from an extended business trip. A close second would be driving with my parents in their farm fields. And a Fall Out Boy playlist.
3// You can travel anywhere in the world free of charge, where do you go? Egypt. I have a huge fascination of ancient Egyptian history and it is a dream of mine to sail the Nile River, see the pyramids and experience the modern culture.

4// Who is the most influential person in your life? This is so hard. Seriously. If I can only pick one, it would be Eli. He is patient, kind and level headed. I’m impatient, not quite as kind and over dramatic. Each day he shows me how to be a better person and girlfriend. Since being with him for these last three years, I’ve found myself to change and evolve into a more considerate person. He has inspired me to find new ways to love the people I care about and how to be happy with the blessings I have in my life.

I also would love to list each of my family members and how much they inspire me, but I’ll save you the word count.
5// Describe the perfect donut: White frosting, custard filled and with sprinkles on top!
I hope you enjoyed the first ‘Blog Your Girlfriend’ post of the series! Want to be featured?? Send me an email at

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