Vintage Thursday: Heels

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Last Thursday I shared 5 Vintage Dresses to Swoon Over! Today, I thought it would be fun to share vintage heels that I would love an excuse to wear! Do you own any vintage heels? Like to accessorize your outfits with vintage finds? Tell me about them!


1 60s-70s Sesto Meucci Pumps // Wear It Out Vintage


2 80s Ricinni Studded Pumps //  Wear It Out Vintage


3 90s Maud Frizon Heels // Cluebelle 


4 40s Styl-eez Shelby Shoe //  Soulrust 


5 50s Herbert Levine Suede Heels // Vintage Vixen 


2 thoughts on “Vintage Thursday: Heels

  1. Speaking of vintage shoes…. My mother , Grandma Grace, had a very pretty pair of shoes she wore for years and I still have them. I wish I could “walk in her shoes ” but my feet are too big! It all started with my mom and dad’s wedding in May of 1935. Then she wore them for all five of her children’s weddings…. May 1960, January 1961, April 1961 another in April 1961 and then April 1966. When the wedding day came close , I remember her getting the white shoe polish out with her special shoes and again and again her pretty white shoes looked like new . I was always excited to see “the shoes” and helped her polish them for our wedding . Years went by and the shoes were in this special box and had green wooden shoe shapers in them , just in case they would be needed again. As her kids got busy having babies her shoes came out of the closet for baptisms, confirmations , mom and dad’s anniversaries, and finally grand children’s weddings . Grandma Grace lived to be one hundred years old and had 5 kids,24 grandkids,46 great grand kids and 6 great great grand kids . The pretty white wedding shoes have a lot of special miles on them . I think today I will get them out and look at the very loving memories of moms vintage shoes! Sent from my iPad


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