Saturday Seven

Happy Saturday! This week sure flew by, as they all seem to these days! Here’s some things that made me happy this week. I hope they do the same for you!

1 // Drunk Deer Chili: Max is testing out soups for an upcoming soup day at work. His Beer Cheese Soup from last year took runner-up so here’s out for #1 this year! I stumbled upon this recipe from DivasRunForBling and thought it sounded good. I was right–this chili was delicious! We cut the recipe in half and it still made a crockpot full! I don’t know if he’ll use this one for soup day or not, but it sure was good!


2 // Strawberry Wafer Cookies: Valentine’s Day came a little early for Max this year. We’re busy all weekend so I decided to surprise him with Valentine’s treats yesterday. I made these sweet little strawberry wafer cookies dipped in white chocolate with sprinkles. He loved them and they were very delicious! I forgot how delicious these little wafer cookies are!


3 // Yogi Honey Lavender Stress Relief Tea: I love this tea so much! A cup before bed has turned into a necessity, or just at any plain ole hectic time of the day!


4 // Lavender: On the topic of lavender, I wanted to give a shout out to this delicious little flower. I love the scent of it, I love it in my laundry soap, I love it in tea, I love it in lemonade, I love it in my bath products and I love sprinkling it in cookies and cupcakes! Do you like lavender? What do you use it for?

5 // The Gnomist Video: This video speaks for itself. Watch it and be prepared to shed some tears!

let’s eat

6 // Weekly Meal Planning: Some people think I’m crazy for this but every Sunday, I plan out our dinners for the coming week. It’s actually something I started doing in college when we were trying to save money and realized we were eating out way too much. Now, I rely on it. It saves SO much time during the week. Plus, if I forget to make the meal plan, Max will pull out the list and get it done! He likes the meal planning too! 🙂 Here’s a free printable where you can jot down your weekly dinners! Hope it helps! Let’s Eat (1)

7// Mod Cloth Galentines: As if you don’t have enough reasons to love ModCloth, they have a super adorable Galentine Generator. Check it out and show your gal pals the love! ❤


Have a Happy Weekend! 


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