Vintage Thursday: 5 Dresses to Swoon Over

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Happy Vintage Thursday! Are you ever browsing online and see a dress or outfit that you just wish you could find an excuse to wear? I remember being a little girl and dreaming about the fancy clothes I would wear when I was all grown up. Of course, how could I have known that I would land a career at a small non-profit art school nestled on a historic campus. Working on such a campus, with a little spring running through it, and lots of other charming characteristics may seem like the perfect place to don cute attire. The reality, though, is that on any given day I could end up unclogging the spring, shoveling snow, draining flooded areas, doing yard work, or just traipsing around a muddy campus. Functionality is key to my wardrobe. So, here I will leave you with 5 of the most darling dresses I come across and book marked for ‘someday’.

Poodle Jive //

Elegant Acclaim //

Rosegal // Channeling my inner Jessica Day with this one!

4 May Day Swing //

5 Bernadette Swing //


3 thoughts on “Vintage Thursday: 5 Dresses to Swoon Over

  1. If I had to get up at 4:00 I wouldn’t be thinking about dresses! You are too sweet…. BUT…. I would still love to wear the red dress with the crochet collar! When dresses were the thing ,especially in the 50’s and 60’s, I designed the patterns and sewed them for myself and my friends. Was so much fun! When we had a dance night , I would sew matching cloths for my best friend and myself. Wish I had pictures … That wasn’t weird then . ( we are still bf today) The crochet collars were a real item at the time… And looks like today lace is back in style! D’Lacey is visiting us for a couple days so guess what we are doing today? We are going to second hand stores to find some treasures! Can I search for one of your favorites? ( perhaps Corning Ware!)

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  2. That sounds like so much fun! I would like to learn how to sew better! It’s on my to-do list someday when I have some more free time! I don’t think it’s ever weird to match with your best friends. 😉 How fun! Tell D’Lacey Hi from the Mount Horeb Kulick’s! I hope you find some treasures! I always look for any Pyrex from the 70’s Spring Blossom (Crazy Daisy) collection!

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