The Tie Blanket With a Twist

Tie Blanket with a twist

The weekend is finally here! Wahoo! I wanted to share an old blog post with you all, as it’s one of my most popular Pins on Pinterest. It’s the Tie Blanket with a Twist! I hope you find it helpful!



3 yards solid fabric of your choice

3 yards printed fabric of your choice




1) Lay your fabric out on the floor, one on top of the other. I needed to trim the white material edging off of both of mine.

2) Cut three inch squares out of each of the four corners.

3) Start at one end of any side you like and start cutting three inch long strips in both fabrics.

4) Once you have cut your three inch long strips all the way around, you will start to ‘tie them’.

5) However, instead of tying the blanket I chose this maneuver I will call a ‘twist’ or a ‘shwoop de woop’. Take one set of two strips and fold them over and cut a slit where they meet the top of this blanket. I’ll post some pictures below because it’s kind of hard to explain.

wpid-20130903_122257.jpgwpid-20130903_122308.jpg(This is what your slit should look like.)

6) Now, fold the fabric from the strip through the slit and fold through. Repeat this all the way around your blanket.



Ta-da! You have a crazy awesome twist on the traditional tie blanket. I made these blankets for my nieces and nephews for Christmas a few years ago and they were a hit!

Hope you have a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “The Tie Blanket With a Twist

  1. I go an extra step when I make mine. I sew a light cotton blanket inside the then tie them off. Makes for and extremely warm blanket.

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