Vintage Thursday: Kitty Forman’s Kitchen

Happy Thursday. One day closer to Friday! I thought it would be fun to share my favorite aspects of Kitty Forman’s kitchen! Many people gag at the sight, but I can’t get enough of it! Do you have any TV or movie inspired #KitchenGoals ?! I would love to hear them!



The Cheese Grater Lights: You can see them in the top right corner. How cool are they!?

Chhese Grater

The Spring Blossom Pyrex: They’re hard to see in photos, but if you look closely at the shelving you can see Spring Blossom Pyrex…my favorite pattern! Here’s a photo of some of mine…on the right!


Canisters: How cute are the canisters that sit on top of the fridge!?


The Wall: I love everything about this. The light switch cover, the phone, the list maker…all of it!



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