Manic Monday: Curing Monday Blues


Many of us dread Mondays, for most people, it’s the least favorite day of the week. Monday leaves us with the biggest stretch of days to our beloved weekends. As much as I try to stay positive at the start of the week, it’s no lie that Monday’s are kind of a drag. Here’s a few of my favorite cures for the Monday Blues!

Make a Weekly To-Do List: Every Monday when I sit down at work, I make a to-do list. I write down every single thing I want to accomplish in the work-week. This might not be the most fun task, but it gets everything out of my brain and onto paper. My weekly to-do lists add much sanity to my life!

Plan a dinner you’re excited about: What makes a person more happy than food!? I like to plan a dinner that I’m excited about on Mondays. A ‘Congratulations on making it through another Monday’ meal! It’s a small thing, but it helps to have something to be excited about! We’re having Stuffed French Bread tonight!

Wake up early and exercise: It’s very easy to want to sleep in on Mondays. But, if you get up early and squeeze in a quick workout, you will feel so much better all day. Not only will you feel more energized during the day, but you will also feel accomplished. Plus, you don’t have to worry about squeezing in a workout after the work day, more time for Netflix!

Play your favorite song: On your way to work, put on your favorite song and turn up the volume! What better way to set the vibe for your week than by jamming out to your favorite tunes!

Treat Yourself: It’s Monday–treat yourself! Eat the chocolate, buy the new book you have been wanting to read, stop at the coffee shop on your way to work for a latte. These little treats can be a big help on getting through a Monday, especially the latte!

I hope these tips help make your Monday a little sweeter! Make the most of it!


3 thoughts on “Manic Monday: Curing Monday Blues

  1. One thing about being a senior , the day of the week doesn’t make much of a difference anymore! Every stage in life Monday’s are different. When our children were in school I enjoyed Monday’s. Being a stay at home mom with four lil critters , plus a dog or cat, Monday was a day of peace ,quiet and just doing what I pleased . The rest of the week is when I tried to fit everything else in to get ready for the chaotic weekends.

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