Saturday Seven

I know what you’re probably thinking…”Saturday Seven?! What about the Friday Five!?” Well, I’m trying to get better about keeping the blog on schedule. Monday, Thursday, Saturday, Repeat. That’s the plan. To cater to that schedule, I’m officially turning the Friday Five into the, occasional, Saturday Seven…more fun for all of us! Here’s today’s Saturday  Seven!


Bath & Body Work’s Lavender Chamomile Body Lotion

With temperatures recently reaching single digits and the air becoming very dry, my skin has been driving me nuts. I am constantly itchy! Step in this fabulous lotion that I received as a gift in my stocking this year. Not only do I love this lotion because it actually works in relieving my dry skin, it honestly helps me fall asleep faster. Once I slather this lotion on, settle in with a hot cup of tea, it doesn’t take me long at all to fall asleep. I love it!

PS: Grab it while it’s on sale!


Cuddl Duds

I don’t know how I never knew about these gems before, but I recently received them as a gift and LOVE them. I have leggings and a long sleeve shirt that have been life savers these past few weeks. The office I work in is pretty cold, so being able to throw the leggings on under my pants has kept me nice and cozy! Plus, Max doesn’t like to turn the thermostat above 50 degrees, so they come in handy around the house too! You will feel instantly happy the moment you put them on!


Overnight Oats

Due to the morning hustle and bustle, I’ve been setting aside time at night to prep overnight oats, and this has made my morning breakfast dilemma much less of a hassle. There are a million overnight oats recipes floating around out there, and a lot of them are very delicious! I am all about keeping things as fast and efficient so here is how I  prep my overnight oats: Pour 1/2 cup of oats in a mason jar, add 1/2 cup vanilla soymilk, 1 teaspoon cinnamon, stir, cover, refrigerate. In the morning before I head out I add a chopped up banana, a large dollop of peanut butter and pecans. Voila! Sometimes I will do a double batch and have my oats for breakfast and lunch!


Hogwarts Running Club

I recently stumbled across HRC looking for virtual races I could do to get the year started. I can’t tell you how pumped I was. Of course, I had to tweet this revelation to one of my besties and fellow Potterhead Alyssa, immediately. Ever since we have both been anxiously awaiting the announcement of the first race, which we are thrilled to be doing! I like virtual races a lot because they help me stay motivated when I don’t have time for in-person races. I’m so excited for the HRC virtual runs this year!


Score this awesome print at Paper Canoe Printables! 


Is it possible to talk about coffee too much? I doubt it. Many of my days, ideas, thoughts and motivation wouldn’t be possible without it. Here is to you glorious, coffee! In case you missed it, check out my blog post on Coffee for a Cause here! What is your favorite coffee company? Let me know!


Warby Parker

If you are anything like me and prefer to do everything quickly, easily and conveniently, then you will love Warby Parker. Now, whenever I go to the eye doctor, I can just skip right out the door instead of messing around with picking out glasses awkwardly in those tiny mirrors with strangers standing around. Warby Parker allows you to pick out 5 pairs of glasses online that they ship to your door, you can keep them 5 days while you choose your favorite. Then, scan your prescription and email it to them, and they’ll send you your glasses! Plus, you honestly cannot beat their prices. I was able to order new glasses and prescription sunglasses for less than $300. Try it. Immediately.

10-Year Old Friendships!

I wanted to be sure to dedicate a spot on the, first ever, Saturday Seven to my dear friend Katie Clendenen. This year we are celebrating our 10th year of friendship. Not only that, but we are also celebrating her wedding to her fiancé, who she has also been with for about 10 years! We are out shopping for bridesmaid dresses today. It seems crazy! I honestly can’t believe it was 10 years ago that we met. I’m so excited to celebrate their wedding in June!


2 thoughts on “Saturday Seven

  1. Family pictures are done… Very time consuming , but enjoyable to pick the best of the best! ( now I know what you went through with your wedding pics) enjoying my morning cup of coffee while looking is very enjoyable on this very ccccoooollldd day!

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