Vintage Thursday: My Vintage Obessesions

I can’t pinpoint the moment I fell in love with thrifting for vintage goods. It seems like kind of strange hobby, so I don’t know why I can’t seem to remember an ‘aha’ moment, but alas, I cannot. Whatever the circumstances that brought me here, here I am, a vintage, thrifting junkie! There are few things I would rather do on a day off of work than map out local thrift stores, Goodwills and Antique Malls and dig through all of the stuff to find hidden gems.


Pyrex: My biggest vintage obsession is definitely Pyrex. Modern Pyrex is pretty great, but you can’t beat the patterns of the vintage Pyrex. People have written books about vintage Pyrex, so I’m definitely not the only one! When I started getting into collecting Pyrex, I couldn’t believe the number of people I found who also collect it! I’m always scouring for Pyrex of all types, but my personal collection is Spring Blossom, I hope to have each piece of the collection someday!


Kitchen Items: I love the kitchen section of thrift stores, beyond the Pyrex, you can find a lot of old school kitchen items that are seriously awesome! Scales, utensils, timers, pots and pans, and so much more! Unfortunately our tiny apartment kitchen can’t fit many of my vintage kitchen finds, so you’ll have the luxury of finding some gems in my Etsy shop.


Photo Credit: Tik-Tak-Toe Etsy

Sheets: I love the patterns on vintage sheets and bedding. One of my favorite things to scour Pinterest for is how people have used vintage sheets and bedding in their decorating. I’m always blown away by what people think of, and this makes searching for vintage sheets even more exciting! Again, I don’t have many rooms to decorate, so for now, I just admire the beauty of these on the shelves of thrift stores and in many Instagram and Pinterest images. The above photo is from tic-tak-toe on Etsy. They have an awesome selection of vintage linens.


Those are just a few of my vintage obsessions! I will save more for another time! Are you a thrifter? What do you look for when you go out shopping? I would love to hear!


2 thoughts on “Vintage Thursday: My Vintage Obessesions

  1. I especially like “old” things that are in my memory… And I love to go to second hand stores and antic shops … Not to buy anymore stuff but to make me smile and remember the happier times during my childhood ! A good feeling!

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