Ways to Get Outside in the Winter

As I sit huddled inside during the first snowstorm of the season, I think about all the things I COULD be doing outside but can’t. Winter is a season where most of us would prefer to stay inside, cuddled up under blankets with piping hot mugs of hot cocoa in our hands. I love to curl up with a good book most nights in the winter, but seasonal depression is a real thing. Curling up inside all winter is not actually a good idea. Here are some ways to take advantage of the outdoors in the winter.



Take a hike! Put on a pair of snow boots and find a hiking trail. Most towns have county or state parks where you can traipse around for awhile. I am a baby in the cold so any hikes I take in the winter aren’t long, but I am always sure to sneak a few in. It’s especially wonderful if there is snow on the ground! There’s nothing more wonderful than begin amidst nature with a fresh blanket of snow covering her. Need some incentive? Sometimes I will pack Max and I thermos of coffee and a light snack. We hike to somewhere we know there will be a bench or someplace to sit and enjoy coffee. Trust me, the view is better than your couch.


Go for a walk…or run!: Bundle up and make yourself go for a walk or run. Again, in the midst of the first snowstorm of the season, I have it on my list to walk the dog today. We will both be in a better mood afterward! It doesn’t have to be a long walk or run, just long enough to get your blood moving and long enough to enjoy the brightness of the great outdoors!

Ice Fishing: I’m lucky enough to have a husband who loves ice fishing, so this is a convenient way for me to take advantage of the outdoors in the winter. Even if you’re a rookie fisherman, ask around and see if anyone you know is into ice fishing and looking for some company. You’re best bet, to ensure both safety and fun, is to go with someone who knows what they’re doing. But even if you want to take it up on your own, there are plenty of resources to do so! Here are a few I found helpful.

Everything You Need to Know to Start Ice Fishing

Family Ice Fishing; A Beginner’s Guide


Go For A Drive: Winter landscapes are a beautiful sight. If the weather is nice and the roads are clear, get in the car, stop for some coffee, and take a drive down some country roads. This is a warm and relaxing way to enjoy the outdoors in the winter!

How do you enjoy the outdoors when it’s cold outside? I would love to hear! 


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