Friday Five: Last Minute Christmas Gifts

We’ve all been there. It doesn’t have to be Christmas, I’ve often found myself scrambling for a last minute gift when I put off gift buying too long! Here’s my 5 favorite last minute go-to gift ideas! I hope they help those of you in a bind for last minute gifts this Christmas!



  1. Baked Goods (Some of my favorite tried and true recipes!): Banana Bread Muffins, Oreo Truffles, Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies
  2.  E-Gift Cards (My go to e-gifts!): Stitch Fix, Taco Bell, Starbucks, Amazon
  3. DIY (My favorite DIY’s to gift. I love throwing these together for my gal pals along with a bottle of wine!): Sugar ScrubLip BalmBath Bombs
  4. Photo Gifts: There are so many ways to use photos for last minute gifts. Have an empty frame lying around? Give it a layer of gold spray paint and put a cute picture of you and the recipient in it! Everyone loves a good throwback photo! OR make a Free Printable 2016 Calendar, thanks to It’s Always Autumn.
  5. Subscription Gifts: So you won’t get a subscription gift in time to give to the recipient, but you can print out a copy of the receipt to give them, or put together a cute little coupon letting the recipient know what they will be receiving.


I hope your Holidays are Merry & Bright!



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