The Eel’s Ankle, The Cat’s Whiskers…


Well, if you haven’t scoped out the new ‘About’ page yet, then let me update you. Most recently known as Crafting & Cupcakery, The Bee’s Knee will now be used as a lifestyle blog. Follow along with me as I muse about my  life. If you have any interest in my adventures as a young wife, a dog mom, a lover of coffee, all things vintage and the great outdoors, give that ‘follow’ button on the side there a click!

I’m so excited for the opportunity to connect with you all more frequently (hopefully!) about topics ranging from vintage items, home inspiration, and of course…crafts and recipes! I also can’t wait to get back into the habit of the Friday Five!!

Follow my Instagram Feed for all sorts of vintagey goodness and take a gander at my Etsy shop, where I declutter all of the junk I collect from time to time!

Thanks for being part of my adventure!




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