Friday Five



Yeah, yeah, he’s been featured on the Friday Five before. But honestly, he deserves to be on the Friday Five every week. Every day he gives me something to smile about. No matter what kind of day I’ve had, Pip pip can always make it better. Just look at that face! We haven’t even had him for a year yet but I wonder every day how I lived without him.



I don’t know when or how it started, but man my new vintage Pyrex obsession has gotten out.of.hand! I came across several of the Spring Blossom pieces at a local antique store and fell in love with the butter dish. I started researching the pattern and couldn’t believe all of the patterns and the amount of pieces in a single collection! There’s BOOKS about collecting Pyrex. WHAT?! I can’t drive by a thrift store, goodwill or antique store without feeling like I NEED to go see if they have any of my pieces. I’ve DREAMT about finding pieces. Haha, I have a problem.


Oh what I would give for a warm summer night spent with Max and Pip at the lake with our fishing poles in the water. We spent at least two nights a week fishing on Lake Winnebago last summer and I’ve been daydreaming about when we can do that again.



My dad learned how to send text messages about 6 months ago. Since then, I’ve received maybe 10 text messages from him total. Typical Dad stuff, “How’s your car running?” “Pay your bills”…that sort of thing. But you better believe he text me as soon as he noticed these bad boys hit the shelves! His exact words, “The cadbury Easter eggs are now on the shelf. YUMMY…” I look forward to them every year! I love all kinds of chocolate but I honestly don’t believe it gets better than Cadbury Mini Eggs. ❤



Max and I have been hitting the jack pot at used book sales lately! We ran out of room on our bookshelves and have them piled up in random places until we get a new bookshelf! Oh well, the more books the merrier! Too bad I don’t have an old fireplace I’m not using. 🙂

I hope your weekend is full of adventures and things you love!!


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