Friday Five


I seriously have a problem when it comes to bubble baths. I take at least three a week. There’s nothing I love more than burning some incense, drinking some tea and reading a good book while taking a bubble bath. It’s my sanctuary at the end of a long day and my best way to cope with stress!


This old school jam. Does it get any better nope? This jam takes me back to elementary school dance parties. What’s one of your favorite songs that just makes you want to dance and sing into your brush microphone?


Movie nights are number three! Poppin’ some popcorn, fighting over what movie to watch and fighting over who gets the ‘good’ side of the couch. I love movie nights with Max and Pip! Once we agree on a movie and duke out who gets the good side of the couch, life is good. 🙂 We watched ‘The Patriot’ during our last movie night…such a good movie! And I had never seen it!


This glorious section of Target is number four. This section never fails to provide me with several trinkets that I’m not sure how I ever could have lived without! For example, my week day post-its and my magnetic ‘Don’t Forget’ pad! Plus, they always have cute holiday items!


It could be my Spring Fever, but these wedges having me begging Spring to get here. Available at Charlotte Russe.What’s on your Spring NEED list?


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