Easy, Cute & Cheap Housewarming/Hostess Gift

I needed to throw together a hostess gift for someone at work who offered to host our staff Christmas party. Working on a tight budget I still wanted to do something nice for her. I found all of the supplies for this cute pot holder at Dollar General. It turned out really cute and I spent under $5.00!

wpid-20140111_132148.jpgYou will need:

1 Glove Pot Holder

Wooden Utensils

Tissue Paper/Ribbon

How To:

1) Shove a few sheets of tissue paper into the bottom of the pot holder.

2) Wrap ribbon around the utensils, and place them in the pot holder.

3) Add a gift tag!

Tip: I’ve seen a lot of cute variations on this. One of my favorites is spaghetti noodles and spaghetti sauce in the pot holder but I couldn’t find one large enough! Also, it would be cute to throw some of the recipients favorite things in there; candy bars, little bottles of alcohol, etc…


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