Friday Five

il_570xN.531971124_km6fNumber One: This gorgeous painting I stumbled across on Etsy. Afremov Art Studio has a ton of really amazing paintings. I fell in love with this particular one. I’m swooning just thinking about it hanging in my living room. Someday! Go check out his other beautiful artwork!


Number Two: I have a severe case of Spring Fever. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the scenic snowfall and cuddling up with hot cocoa. I do not, however, enjoy shoveling, and hoping that my car will start, and slipping on the ice, etc…I have been brainstorming some Spring projects and a Fairy Garden is on the top of my list. Any Fairy Gardeners out there with some tips? As you may remember, I’ve made Fairy Homes before but never a Fairy Garden.

9a38cb65a4d256b05ac288b912af7684Number Three: Something I came across on Pinterest…THIS is how a wedding photo should look. So perfect.

candy_button_cupcakesNumber Four: Candy buttons will always be my favorite childhood candy. Whenever I see them now, I’m reminded of eating them on the deck of the drive-in restaurant my parents used to own. I stumbled across these cupcakes and thought they were just perfect. I now have a project for myself the next time I come across some of these childhood gems!


Number Five: I saved the best for last this week! This year will mark the fourth year that my family will be participating in Walk MS. All money we raise is donated to the National MS Society-Wisconsin Chapter under my dad’s name, Hugh O’Connell. My Dad was diagnosed with MS in 1996, he’s had MS as long as I can remember. Last year Team O’Connell raised over $750 to donate in my Dad’s name and this year our goal is $1,000. I’m confident that we can meet our goal! The photo above is of my Dad, completing  last year’s three mile walk like.a.boss! Team O’Connell might always be the last team to cross the finish line, but we’re sure full of pride when we do!

To donate to Team O’Connell, click here.

I hope your weekend is full of adventure and things you love!


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