Christmas Day Centerpieces

Wondering what to throw in the middle of your table to entertain holiday guests? Below are some quick and easy ideas I found on Pinterest!

0cb6fd1a0da5cdd7546fc0325fc524bdHave some glass containers laying around? Fill them up with candy! I filled a Christmas tree shaped one up with peppermints and it looks adorable. Adorn the base of the glass containers with a few pine cones and voila, cutee and cheap centerpiece!

a2ff3a5a59cdf68fda88919ac5b8bef3I love the simplicity of this. You can find a flat, white tray fairly cheap at Dollar General, as well as several candles! Line them up in the tray and fill the tray with fresh cranberries. Again, very cheap and adorable!

0b460314f8045eb44712129b458d300aI love the concept of just wrapping presents and using them as a centerpiece. Ever wrap a present and think, “This is too cute for someone to have to unwrap?” I know I have. Wrap a few empty boxes and use them as your centerpiece!

bb0004ec0ec2b6ec3ac66806e1e7112bYou can’t go wrong with mason jar decorating. Grab some mason jars of various sizes, fill the bottoms with boughs of pine, add fresh cranberries and top with a tealight candle!

How will you be decorating your holiday table? Do you like to keep it simple or go all out?

Happy holidays!


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