Friday Five

Friday Five

The_To_Do_List_film1) The To Do List

This movie is seriously the funniest movie I have seen in a very long time. I watched it mid week and it was definitely a pick me up during this long week!

20120424-queso-tostitos2) Queso

Yes, I just devoted a spot on the Friday Five to Queso. This is completely honest though, I’m obsessed with this stuff. I keep complaining about this LONG week but seriously I couldn’t wait to dive into a bowl of chips and queso when I got off of work.



It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas is number three on the list because it’s a magical time of the year! Even when I have long weeks, I have beautiful lights to look at on the way home and I get to buy all the people I love presents, which is such a good feeling! And I get to bake cookies and watch Christmas movies and play in the snow with my puppy, and oh my gosh who can be sad about Christmas!?


4) Fishtail Braids

Ever since I saw Avril rockin this one I knew I had to teach myself how to do it. After several attempts I finally figured it out and have been rockin the fishtail braid any time I have a few extra minutes in the morning.


5) Fridays

I’m not sure how FRIDAYS haven’t made the Friday Five yet, but now they are! I love Fridays. I could write a poem about Fridays!

What did you love this week? I hope your weekend is full of adventure and things you love!


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