Friday Five

I’m going to cut to the chase today….

wpid-IMG_20131122_072419.jpgFirst today is the first snow! Not the second, third, fourth, fiftieth, but the first snow! There’s something magical about it! Especially for this guy, it was Pip’s first snow last week and he loved it! I’m excited for there to be more because of him. He had fun sprinting around in this little bit, can’t wait to see how he acts when there’s INCHES of it! Plus, the snow means hot cocoa, cuddles, big warm blankets, and cozy socks!

spool_no_72Number two today is Spool No.72 clothing. I couldn’t even pick just one thing I like to put on here, I love it all! BUT if I had to pick it would be these boots…that are our of stock…naturally. Here’s the story behind Spool No.72:

“It all began a local farmer’s market where the Spool Gals each weekend would sell their hand-made clothing, vintage boots, and jewelry designs. The Spool Gals would be greeted each Saturday by car loads of eager buyer’s sometimes driving hours to visit Spool’s pop-up mercantile booth.

Eventually, the Spool Gals adopted such a large following that they opened their online clothing company in 2009. Staying true to their roots, the Spool Gals have taken their small-town business philosophy online, treating each customer like family and offering a one-of-a kind selection of women’s clothing and accessories.

Spool No.72 is proud to be completely family owned and operated and headquartered in eastern Washington State. Learn more of what our loyal customers have to say about the Spool No.72 by visiting us on Facebook and Twitter.”

I’m a sucker for a good Disney movie, and Frozen seems to be right up my alley!  Above is the trailer! It looks like the perfect movie to watch this time of the year, cozied up in those socks and drinking that cocoa I was talking about above. 🙂 “Some people are worth melting for.” Ain’t that the truth. 😉 What movies are you looking forward to this holiday season? I’m STILL excited to see Catching Fire, because I’ve been too busy to see it. 😦 I’m also looking forward to The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.

Too good to not get it’s own place. Number four. I think this has made the list before but here it is again, with a sneak peak! EEEEKKKK!!!


I’ve been talking about them so much they might as well have their own spot on the Friday Five huh? Cozy socks are number five. And if anyone finds a pair THIS cozy, I’ll take two! I’m always stealing Max’s big socks he uses for hunting during the winter months, I really should probably invest in my own. You can never have enough cozy socks! I’m also thinking about investing in some long underwear to wear under my clothes to work. I’m a big baby in the winter! How do you stay warm!?


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