How to remain sane….

This week will be insane. I have to work 32 hours in 3 days. Pack my bags and bake Thanksgiving treats for my Grandma’s on Thursday. Then unpack, and bake for Max’s Thanksgiving on Friday. Find time in there to also celebrate Max’s birthday and his Mom’s! Today is my day to prepare so I’m REALLY trying to pack it all in. Here’s some tips for you to remain sane this week leading up to a long weekend full of food and family!


  • Make LISTS! I’m sitting here right now planning out our meals for the week, planning blog posts, making the grocery list, making our agenda, etc… Don’t let anyone make fun of you for having an agenda either. It’s SO helpful!
  • Plan ahead! This is kind of the same as making lists. Today, I’m planning out our meals for this week, planning when I’ll bake what, planning what I’ll wear for Thanksgiving. Making preparations in advance will help you out a lot! If you plan ahead you don’t have to be that crazy person running to the store on Thanksgiving morning because you forgot whipped cream for the pie. Plan now, when you still have a few days!
  • Relax! Holidays are supposed to be fun. So what if you forget the whipped cream? Yeah, a few people may be upset but life will go on! After all, it’s not really about the food but about the people you’re sharing the meal with.
  • Be easy on yourself. Not a baker? Don’t bake! Order some pies or pick some up from the store. As long as I can remember my parents have brought the pies to my Grandma’s Thanksgiving dinner and my dad ‘bakes them with Sara’. They are Sara Lee pies. And TODAY while prepping for my Max’s birthday I DESTROYED the cake I made for him. I had to go buy one. Disappointing? Yes. End of the world? No.
  • Remember that ‘it’s the most wonderful time of the year’. You’ll miss the season when it’s gone, so enjoy the madness. Listen to some Christmas music while you bake, pack or do whatever it is that you do. It will help calm you down, if you like Christmas music, and get you in the Holiday spirit!

PS- Want to know what I’m making for Thanksgiving? For both Thanksgiving’s I’m making the following: Vegetable Pizza, recipe from My Recipe Box, and Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars with Cookie Dough Frosting, recipe from The Domestic Rebel. What are you prepping for Thanksgiving dinner?! And what are you doing to remain sane?


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