Pinecone Garland

Continuing my thrifty decorating adventure, I decided to create some pinecone garland. It’s perfect fall decor and it can easily be incorporated into rustic Christmas decor. Plus, it’s cheap, I didn’t spend any money! Go for a walk and gather some pinecones, don’t forget a bag! Be careful, my pine cones were crawling with spiders. Imagine my horror when I got home and poured the pine cones onto the kitchen table! Eeeek! After clearing out the spiders, it’s a very simple craft!

You will need:

12-15 pinecones

3-5 feet of hemp twine

Ribbon, burlap, spray paint, glitter, etc…


1) Starting at the beginning of your twine, tie your first pinecone and repeat until you reach your desired garland length. I spaced mine about four inches apart.

Tip: If you’re looking for something a little more fun, jazz it up! Add some ribbon, spray paint your pine cones, have fun with it!


3 thoughts on “Pinecone Garland

    • Thanks! And awesome, I’m glad your pine cones will be put to a good use! I love collecting things while on walks or hikes and finding uses for them. I have a piece of driftwood hanging on my living room wall as a shelf. 🙂

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