Crafty & Affordable Thanksgiving Centerpieces

This fall has been flying by and Thanksgiving will be here before we know it. A lot of this months posts will be centered around Thanksgiving as it is one of my favorite holidays! A lot of posts will also be done to help me make some easier Thanksgiving decisions! I hope you find a cute, crafty and affordable Thanksgiving centerpiece in today’s post!

07bced124b9c3612255b9b3d71c86dfa Flowers in a Pumpkin

Carve the top off a pumpkin, scoop out the guts and insert a beautiful fall bouquet. I love the combination of sunflowers and roses in this bouquet. How perfect? I love the simplicity and ease of this! Can you imagine this as the center of your Thanksgiving dinner? I couldn’t find the original link back to this image, so I can’t give credit where it is due!


A Colorful Fall Tree

Swoon over this tree! I don’t think all the stuff at the base of this centerpiece is necessary! I think I would love the tree by itself. Visit Alderberry Hill for full instructions on this centerpiece! My instructions would be to fill a vase with raffia, glue silk leaves to branches and shove in vase. 🙂 I love the enormity of this, it’s as if a leaf could fall on you during Thanksgiving dinner.


A Burlap Table Runner

Use a burlap sack as a table runner! Line up with your own arrangement of candles, pine cones, tiny pumpkins and acorns!  Get full instructions for this centerpiece at The Poor Sophisticate. Burlap is so trendy right now, this would unquestionably be a hit!


Vintage Tin Full of Sunflowers

I love vintage tins, so imagine my joy at this beautiful sight of an old coffee tin with sunflowers in it. The most simple centerpiece yet and I think it might be my favorite! The Wedding Channel had this centerpiece featured under sunflower centerpieces. If you can get your hands on some big, beautiful sunflowers, I think this would be absolutely stunning as the centerpiece to your Thanksgiving feast!

What are your go-to centerpieces for Thanksgiving Dinner? Let me know if you plan on trying one of these, I would love to see it!


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