Friday Five

Rabbit rabbit, happy November! I’m looking forward to many Thanksgiving themed crafts and cupcakes this season! In the meantime, here’s this weeks Friday Five!

14498863_201307011150Sweaters are number one. It’s OFFICIALLY sweater season, and I don’t want to stop wearing them. Seriously, when I reach in the closet I simply will not settle for anything that is not a sweater.  I’m particularly sweater crazy this year and seem to want them all. The sweater above is available at Target and I love it! What’s your favorite sweater?

Who can crochet?! I love this little mandrake. He’s number two on the Friday Five. Unfortunately, you can only purchase the pattern to crochet him. Hmphh, I guess I’ll have to take up crochet. But seriously, Potterheads, how cute is this mandrake?! I don’t know what I’d do with him, but I’m sure I could find a good use!

25963-largeThese delicious fellas are number three. While Halloween candy shopping there was a big bag of all sorts of TROLLI treats. That bag had my vote, but Max wasn’t up for that, especially since it was $7 but HOLY COW! So many sour delicious things! I’ve loved sour gummy words since I was a kid and they will always be one of the first things I grab from the candy aisle.


Ever since I read Moby Dick in a literature of the sea class, I’ve had an obsession with the book and whale themed products. I don’t know that I would love the book as much as I do if my teacher hadn’t been SO passionate about it. When people teach what they love, it honestly really affects the students. This whale pillow is number four because it’s totes adorbz, reminds me of my lit of the sea class, and it would look quaint in my living room.  It’s available here.


Number five today is people who adopt animals. Due to recent events in my life, I’ve had the opportunity to get to know more about animals without homes, and more about the wonderful people who work very hard to make sure they find homes. Anyone who assists in the rescuing and adoption of homeless animals is an amazing person working for a truly amazing and heartwarming cause. What are you waiting for? Go adopt a precious cat or dog. 🙂

I hope your weekend is full of adventure and things you love!


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