Halloween Spells!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Despite everyone pretending Halloween is already over, it’s not! Today is Halloween! I’m not Wiccan, or a Witch, but the topic is one that I find absolutely fascinating. I’ve decided to share a few spells I found to try this Halloween, for fun of course.  Halloween is the perfect day to cast spells because it is said the the veil between world’s is at its thinnest on Halloween. Grab your tarot cards, ouija board, sage, and candles and get in the Halloween Spirit! Stiff as board, light as a feather anyone?


Protection Against Evil Spirits:

Aka, Carve a Jack-O-Lantern. “The fierce faced lanterns carved out of pumpkins and, in colder climates where pumpkins are rare, turnips, are apotropaic charms intended to ward off evil spirits and protect traveller and household from harm.”Witchology.  Cool! Your Jack-O-Lanterns are designed to keep ghosts and ghouls away! Also according to Witchology, if the flame is flickering, a spirit is near!

Hazelnut Love Spell:

Another spell off of Witchology states,”A girl might divine who her future husband was going to be by lining up hazelnuts in front of the fire, each of which represented one of the boys that was wooing her. She would then chant, “If you love me, pop and fly. If you hate me, burn and die.” Line up the hazelnuts, ladies!

Charmed Candy Spell:

You will need:
Handful of candy
A white or orange candle
What to do: Light the candle and put the candy in a pile. Make a triangle with your index finger and thumb of both hands and, and then in a clockwise direction over the candies while chanting, “Charmed are these candy treats, Good fortune to all I merry meet!” Then give the candy out to friends and family.


How do you plan on celebrating tonight? Did anyone check out how cool GOOGLE is today!? So fun!

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