Onana Knitted Snug Mug Cozy Giveaway: Winner

The winner of the Onana Knits Snug Mug Cozy is Elyse Traxler!


Thank you to each and everyone of you who entered the giveaway! I wish you could all win, but there’s always next time! Keep your eyes peeled for the November giveaway! If you missed the giveaway, please still check out the fabulous snug mug cozies knitted by the knitting fairy at  OnanaKnits! The cozies are adorable and would make great gifts!

Also,  a huge thank you to the fabulous ladies of OnanaKnits for partnering with Crafting & Cupcakery for this giveaway! I love being able to give stuff away, but it wouldn’t be possible without fabulous brands like OnanaKnits! Please check them out. Following them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook is a treat. They are quite the social media gurus!


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