Do More Of What You Love


No Crafting & Cupcakery today, just a bunch of words!

It’s the middle of October, I have less than 15 days left until the impending doom of my student loan payments. I’m still unemployed.

This summer was a whirlwind for me. I moved away from the place I have spent my whole life. That place is only three hours away, but still! I moved to where I am now with my boyfriend, who accepted a job here. I toyed around with my options, I had a job that I loved back at home, a job where I loved the work I did, I loved the people, I loved the environment. A job that would allow me to put my degree to use. But I left that job to follow my boyfriend, which was an extremely hard thing for me. But in the end, I knew it wasn’t even really a question, I wanted to be with Max and would not TRULY be happy unless I was where he was, so I followed him, thinking I would find happiness in a job again soon enough. Wrong. Okay, kind of wrong.

I got an internship at a museum right away, it was just a part time unpaid internship, but it was an internship in my field so how could I turn down the experience? I also figured it would be a good way to spend my time while seeking a full time job. And it was! It was great, I loved it there! I loved the work I did, I loved the people and I loved the environment! But, it was a part time unpaid job, I had to leave to find something full time. I should mention that aside from my internship at the museum, I also was working part time at Quizno’s Subs. I had experience working at a Quizno’s in college so I snagged a job because obviously I needed to be making money, and I figured I could meet some people! And I did, I met great people! I was so thankful for both of these experiences. I left both of these jobs at the end of August for a full time job elsewhere. I accepted this job because it was a full time job that paid well, but it wasn’t in my field. It was a customer service position that I thought I could be happy with.

I was not happy with it. At all. I did not love the work I was doing, and I did not love the environment. The people were great, I just never felt that click I had always felt at my other jobs. I made a decision then, that I was not willing to settle for mediocre. I would not settle for something less than what I love. Maybe I was spoiled because of my two great internship experiences or maybe those experiences happened because they showed me where my happiness in a career lies. I know what I want to do, and I don’t want to settle for anything less. I keep telling myself this, and it’s honestly how I feel. BUT, It’s the middle of October, I have less than 15 days left until the impending doom of my student loan payments. I’m still unemployed.

I have been keeping myself busy by volunteering at the museum where I interned over the summer, and next week I will start volunteering at a local animal shelter. But in the mean time, I will also probably need to go back into Quizno’s and ask for my job back. My boyfriend has been very gracious in financially supporting me these past few months, but that weighs heavy on both of us. I don’t enjoy my time at home baking and crafting as much as I should because I know that I SHOULD be working, I know that I NEED to be helping pay the bills, I know that I NEED to find a job.

As always, I have several job prospects that I am waiting to hear back from. But honestly, all these meetings and interviews are really stressing me out and after not yet receiving a job offer for a job in my field, I just feel discouraged.  So, I have decided that it is time for me to work a part time job that I do not necessarily love in order for me to keep building the foundation for the career that I will someday have and someday love. I want to work in public relations for a non profit organization. It’s been proven to me that it’s the work I love, so why would I settle for anything less? Until I find a job in this field, I will DO MORE OF WHAT I LOVE. I will volunteer at organizations that remind me of why I won’t settle for anything less, because I have found what I love to do. I will also keep crafting and baking cupcakes and blogging to spread the word about others DOING WHAT THEY LOVE because you shouldn’t settle for anything less.


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