Things You MUST Do This Fall

Happy Monday, everyone! It’s a beautiful Fall day in Wisconsin! This morning was perfect weather for a light vest, cozy scarf and a hot mug of cocoa as I ran out the door to run some morning errands! The happy weather has me thinking of all the fun things I have done this Fall, and how everyone else should do them as well! Here’s a list of things you should try to accomplish this Fall!

Have a photoshoot in the leaves with your pet, kids or friends!


Enjoy a caramel apple in a park you’ve never been to!


Visit a winery with your best gal pals! If possible, buy a bottle of wine to take on a hayride through the vineyard!


Bake an Apple or Pumpkin Pie! Here’s my recipe for Apple Pie in a Bag!


Go to an area you’ve never been to and stop at all the vendors you see on the side of the road! We visited Door County, WI and stopped at any place that looked cute! We ended up with all the Fall goodies we could ever hope for! Apples, pumpkins, cider, cider donuts, wine, Christmas Ornaments! And we did a mini corn maze!

imageCarve Pumpkins!



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