Friday Five

Is it really Friday again? Not that I’m complaining. Another fun-filled weekend ahead. Max and I are headed back to Platteville this weekend. Well, I’m headed back to Platteville. Max will be hunting with his family all weekend. Which leaves me with time to visit with all my favorite people! I have a lot of activities packed in from tonight when I get home until tomorrow afternoon. After tomorrow afternoon, I’m going to spend Saturday evening and Sunday morning with my parents. No plans, just some good ole bonding time with my parents. I baked them these cookies to show them how much I missed them, they’re first on today’s Friday Five!

After a stressful week for me, I was needing some comfort. I’m seeing a trend here, maybe I should control these comfort cravings? Nahhh! I really wanted some gooey fresh from the oven chocolate chip cookies, so I made some. I used this recipe but skipped the nuts! They turned out so yummy. Even today they still have a soft center and crispy edges. Plus, I had enough to divide them up. Some for Max to take to work to share, some for him to take hunting this weekend, some to take home to my parents, and some to give to the next door neighbor! It’s Friday, bake some cookies!


Last weekend we took an adventure to Door County, WI for some fall activities. It was so much fun, I wish we could replay the day. It poured all day but it didn’t stop us from packing in EVERYTHING we planned. An unexpected perk to the trip was this find of WITCHES BREW WINE, made by Door Peninsula Winery, the same people who make Hallowine. Now, Hallowine can be found in liquor and grocery stores all over Wisconsin, but I had never seen the Witches Brew!  But good news friends, you can buy it online. Similar to Hallowine,  “it’s your choice to drink it slightly chilled or room temperature – but the witch likes her brew boiled.”


imageThese pictures are not part of the Friday Five, they’re simply for your viewing enjoyment. Us, enjoying our Door County adventure!


Third today is friendship. Not just friendship, but the kind of friendship where you support each other, have each other’s backs no matter what. The kind of friendship where you share each other’s blogs because you sincerely want to spread the words of each other. That’s the best kind of friendship. So I want to dedicate this spot today to three exceptional ladies who have shared my blog posts all over their social media outlets. Check out their blogs, because they’re more rad than me.

The Farmer and the Journalist -This is my friend Alyssa’s blog. She writes about writing and cows. Check it out!

The Trials of Pinterest: How Pinteresting! -This is my friend Katy’s blog. She writes about Pinteresting adventures.

Last but not least is to my friend Katie, who doesn’t have a blog, but she should. Someday we will own a craft store together. Here, creep on her Pinterest Boards.

shmacksMaxwell is fourth today because he hasn’t had is own official spot on any of my Friday Five’s yet. Plus, he’s a babe and I should recognize that I’m pretty lucky to have fallen in love with my best friend. HEARTS & STUFF!

This video is number five today because…….lol. All the PrankvsPrank videos are hilarious and if you need to laugh, you should watch them.


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