DIY Halloween Costumes

My social media feeds are blowing up with everyone talking about what they are going to be for Halloween. I get it, it’s a big deal! Halloween allows everyone to unleash their creativity for a night and just have fun acting like someone or something they’re not!

Growing up my mom always had my brothers and I in the BEST costumes. I remember her making one of my brothers into a gargoyle. She spent so long on his wings and make-up, it was seriously one of the coolest costumes ever. Another year, I was a marionette and one of my brothers walked me and controlled my strings. It was perfect. I wore a little black tutu and she did my make-up and included the lines on my lips. It was little creepy but really cool! The point is, my mom always MADE our costumes. When I got older and went to college, I bought a few costumes but I always had more fun and got better feedback on my costume when I made it myself! I browsed Pinterest and a few other sites to find some really cool and not over used DIY Halloween Costumes. So stop shopping for the perfect costume, put down the superhero capes and start making yourself a costume!

Masquerade Attendee: My friends and I went as these one year! We visited Hobby Lobby and bought plain face masks and then added glitter, feathers and jewels! They turned out so cute, my mom kept the masks and has them displayed on a shelf! We wore the masks with cute dresses we already had! They turned out very cute, we paid very little and nobody else was wearing anything like our costumes!


(Here’s a friend and I in our Masquerade Costumes!)

Gnome: I really wanted to be a gnome last year, but my boyfriend was not on board and my friends all made fun of the idea. If you’re brave enough, I think it would be REALLY cute! All you would need to do is find a red or white polka dot dress, wear some blue or red knee high socks and find yourself a tall red hat! I think it would be really easy to make the hat out of felt, and then add a flower! The picture below is obviously a store bought costume, but how easy would this be to do yourself? Plus, I just think it’s so cute.


Flower Pot: I didn’t plan this gardening theme but I came across a photo of a girl who was a flower pot and it was really cute and I’d never seen it before! I probably would have went this route if  I didn’t already have my costume picked out for this year. They make really big plastic pots that are probably on clearance sale right now. All you would have to do is cut out the bottom with an Exacto knife. Go to Hobby Lobby and buy a dozen of the larger flowers they have and then copy the girl below! Throw on some black tights and a green shirt and wear a cute floral headband! So cute and so original!


Day of the Dead: If you’re good at doing make-up, this is the perfect costume for you. You might need to do a few trial runs before your Halloween bash but it would totally be worth it. Grab your favorite little black dress, make yourself a huge floral headband, and get ready to get crazy with your make-up! This would be a fun costume to do with a friend, so you could do each other’s make-up! How cute is the trio of gals below?




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