Edible Acorns

The first day of October, finally! May your kitchen be filled with smell of pumpkin and other savory treats. After an interview this morning, I’m spending the day wrapping up some summer cooking. I’m making some herbed butter so I can savor the last of my summer herbs even in winter. I’ll freeze it until I’m ready to use it! I have plans of making some of my Blueberry Peach Refrigerator Jam. That might have to wait until tomorrow, but I want to get some peaches and blueberries while they’re in season, make some jam, and freeze that also so I can enjoy it in winter when I’m craving some sunshine.  In light of the first day of this cozy and spooky month, I thought I would start with some EDIBLE ACORNS! These little guys are so cute. You can make however many you want at at time. I’m not including amounts in the ingredients cause you can really make however many you want! I made around 15 today and will probably make some more for friends this weekend.


Nutter Butter bites

Hershey’s Kisses

Chocolate Chips

Splash of milk


1) First, you need to melt some chocolate chips. I used about 1/4 cup for my small batch of these acorns. I put them in the microwave with a splash of milk for 30 seconds, stirred, and then put them back in for another thirty seconds.

2) Unwrap a Kiss and dip the bottom in your melted chocolate.


2) Place your kiss on one half of a bite sized Nutter Butter.


3) Take a chocolate chip, dip that in the melted chocolate and attach it to the top of the Nutter Butter bite. Repeat until you have your desired amount of Edible Acorns. So cute and so easy!



2 thoughts on “Edible Acorns

    • They’re more tedious than time consuming! After you melt the chocolate the most time consuming part is unwrapping the Hershey’s Kisses. After that you just dip it in the chocolate and stick to the Nutter Butter Bite! And repeat for the chocolate chip on top! My small batch took me about 10 minutes!

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