Broomstick Parking- Violators Will be Toad!

Monday has already gotten the best of me. I’m double scheduling appointments and rushing around like I can’t find my head. Therefore, I am sitting down, listening to some relaxing music and I am going to tell you about some of my cute Halloween decorations!


This idea originated from a Pinterest inspiration, but I wanted mine indoors and didn’t want to spend very much money! I bought this witch for $1 at Dollar General! The broomstick’s are also from Dollar General and I think they were like $2 a piece!


I hung them on plastic hooks! I wanted to criss cross them but it was proving more difficult than I thought, and I figured that it would be more difficult for the witch to access if they were tangled together! 😉


The sign that says ‘Broomstick Parking’ was originally this styrofoam sign above, also $1 at Dollar General. I wanted to use wood but you can’t be A DOLLAR! I flipped it over and wrote my words on the other side with Sharpie!

Check out my Instagram for a better photo!

Tomorrow is the first day of October, yay! Let the haunting and witchcraft begin! 😉


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