Friday Five

Happy Friday everyone! These Friday Five posts are easily creeping their way up to  my favorite posts! But who doesn’t like to post about their favorite things?

Next week I have a meeting and an interview, and I’m nervous about both of these things! I always handle these situations JUST FINE! And everything tends to always go just as it should, except for one time! The last interview I had was my third interview with a company and when I walked in my allergies just kicked in and were vicious. My nose was running and running and my throat was itchy and it was just TERRIBLE! The interview went fine and they were very understanding but how embarrassing? Anyway, even though I tend to handle meetings and interviews just fine I get myself so worked up and anxious over them days before hand! I’m about to start prepping for the interview and the meeting but I thought it would be perfect to work on the Friday Five before I do so. Actually, I should do the prepping first and then write the Friday Five as a reward, but c’mon, it’s Friday! I’ll get it done…eventually! Once again, all the ranting to bring you this weeks Friday Five!

il_570xN.300079783First on today’s Friday Five is GIVING! I’ve always been a giver, I love giving gifts. I love picking out the perfect gift for people. I love seeing their face when they open it. So I was very excited to start doing GIVEAWAYS on the blog. Not only as a way to get more readers but because it’s just fun! I love finding organizations and shops who are willing to participate. It’s fun trying to help others get more readers and hopefully driving some traffic to amazing people and their personally owned shops! So thanks to all who entered the Giveaway! Stay tuned for another one soon and please check out Bglorified Boutique if you didn’t get the chance. They have some seriously adorable stuff!

wpid-20130927_095413.jpgSecond on today’s Friday Five list, is that very thing, LISTS! I have found that being unemployed can leave me sitting around kind of like, “Uhhh?” But in reality, there are things that I should be doing! So to help accomplish things during the day and still have a structured routine, I have started developing to do lists every morning. This is something I ALWAYS did as a student and when I was employed, but I quit doing it when I didn’t have a job. This week, I started to do it again and it has honestly helped me feel much better about myself. I’m feeling accomplished instead of feeling like I’m just twiddling my thumbs all day. I still get the sensation of checking things off my list, I am still getting things done!

il_570xN.501172389_q2bbThird are these adorable monogrammed boot socks! How cute, right? Available for $20 at Lola Lane Gifts Etsy Shop. I know what’s going on the top of my Christmas list! Just kidding, it’s fall, I need them sooner! In all seriousness though, Boot Socks are normally at least $20 in department stores, so why not snag up these guys when you’ll be paying a similar price plus they have your monogram on them!

20130921-165132S’mores DIP is fourth the Friday Five! We tend to associate s’mores with summer but Fall is campfire season too! Living in town, we don’t have the luxury of being able to have big cozy bonfires whenever we please. And you really just cannot beat the taste of  s’more cooked over the fire, or can you? Try this awesome s’mores dip recipe! So easy and taste just like a campfire s’more!

1 C. Chocolate Chips (semi-sweet)
2-4Tbs milk (enough to keep the chocolate nice and smooth)
1 C. Marshmallows
Enough marshmallows to cover the chocolate mixture.
Graham Crackers, for dipping

Melt chocolate chips, along with milk, over med-low heat in a small sauce pan. Once chips are melted add marshmallows and combine till smooth. Place in a small pan (we used a hotel pan) and cover with marshmallows, place under broiler and broil until lightly crisped on top (it’s really easy to burn sugar, so be sure to watch it closely!)
Enjoy with graham crackers and a cold cup of milk!

 Thanks to My CupKeiki for the recipe!


Last but not least today is Big Jim’s Beer Palace, even though it’s no longer there. Max and I are definitely getting to the point where it feels VERY sad to not be able to knock on your roommates door whenever you’re bored. I even miss being woken up in the middle of the night by loud, drunk boys wrestling their way in from a night downtown. Big Jim’s was a place where all of our friends could gather at Table 1, the only table in the hallway sized bar, without being interrupted by bro’s wearing v-necks and flat brimmed hats. Well, occasionally we would run into that, but not often.
Big Jim’s was the only bar that the boys could be as rowdy as they wanted, they could play whatever music they wanted, they could say whatever they wanted. Big Jim’s bartenders were the best and most laid back bartenders. When we found out Big Jim’s was being renovated and re-opened under new management and a new name, we were very disappointed but hopeful. We were recently visiting back home, the first time since the bar that replaced Big Jim’s had opened. We were walking downtown and I had to stop for a second and ask, “Where are we supposed to go?” Seriously, since our friend Brian started bartending at Big Jim’s it was really the only bar we hung out at, the only bar we wanted to hang out at. We settled on the next closest thing to a dive bar we could find. I really wanted to check out the bar that replaced Big Jim’s but when we walked by it was CROWDED. I am not a fan of over-crowded bars.  At some point in the night Max and some of the guy’s visited the new Big Jim’s and came back with frowns on their faces, I even thought some of them might cry. The old bar top with its familiar carvings and sharpie marker signatures had been replaced, which was probably the worst possible thing the new owner’s could have done. The atmosphere was not the same, and the crowd was not the same.
In with the new and out with the old, might work for some people but not for us and ‘our bar’. Even though we don’t live in Platteville anymore it’s sad that when we visit, our favorite and most memorable bar is no longer there. They can take away our bar but they can’t take away our memories! Long live BIG JIM’S!

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