Last Chance to Enter the Giveaway!

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A Knitted Headband Giveaway!



Here’s my puppy, Pip, modeling mine for you as a scarf. Pip got a treat for cooperating well, don’t worry! Warning: The rest of this blog post is about Pip! This is mostly for you, Annie! Speaking of Pip, he’s 15 weeks old now. He’s all up to date on his shots for now and is growing very fast. He’s starting to lose his baby teeth so he likes to chew on things even more than usual.


Pip certainly loves that I don’t currently have a job because we get to do lots of things together, like go to the park. He loves going on walks, Max always lets him bring home one stick. Besides his treats his favorite snack is rabbit poop. He loves the neighbors and he’s starting to get a loud bark when other dogs bark at him, but he just wants to play!


Pip’s next vet appointment is in October. He’ll get the rest of his puppy shots and then we’ll schedule an appointment to get him fixed and take care of his hernia. Oh and he weighs over 25 pounds now! He was 12 pounds when we brought him home! We had some neighbors come over and meet him for the first time yesterday and the woman told me that it’s been fun to watch him grow! It’s funny because we don’t really notice it!

End crazy dog lady rant.


3 thoughts on “Last Chance to Enter the Giveaway!

  1. I AM LOVING THIS POST!! His hair is so wirey!! So unique. Is it possible train a dog not to bark? And have you been trying to train him to follow commands? How is that going?

    • He does have wirey hair, his Mom’s was like that! He doesn’t bark ALL the time, just when he’s excited or wants to play. And it’s friendly, so we’re not really worried about it! He knows how to sit and stay pretty well when he has incentive, like a treat. We’re working on sit and stay, and he is learning to sit at intersections when we’re out on walks. We’re working on shake and lay down, but those are taking a little longer for him to catch on to!

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