Friday Five


 First on today’s Friday Five, is this adorbs corner picture heart! I was inspired by a picture on Pinterest and had to try it out for myself. I love pictures so much but sometimes having a million frames can be overwhelming. What an awesome way to display a bunch of photos!

rolling-nowhere_145Second today is the book Rolling Nowhere, by Ted Conover. I read this book on a Spring Break road trip a few years ago and loved it. Ted Conover describes himself as a writer who writes about real people by visiting their lives. “I write about real people, often by living their lives for a while-visiting their lives, you might say. Trying them on for size. Though there are easier ways to make a living, I suppose, none strike me as a fraction so interesting. ” Ted Conover Bio In Rolling Nowhere, Conover rides the rails with the hobo’s in the 80’s. After reading this book, I’ve had a fascination on the topic, so interesting! I was reminded of it recently by a discussion I was having with a friend, she’s now borrowing my copy of the book. READ this book or another by Conover, immediately!

images (1)

Third on the list today, is Red Velvet everything. There’s such a hype about red velvet for a reason! I’m working on digging up some old red velvet recipes to put up on the blog. In the past I’ve made red velvet truffles and red velvet puppy chow. No words can be used to describe to you the sheer brilliance of such creations. I’ll be sure to post at least one red velvet creation next week!

il_570xN.472769030_j1ulNumber four on the list today is this shirt. It speaks for itself, how perfect is this? It’s definitely on my want list. Available in all states here: TheHomeT

editingNumber five is EDITING. Now that I’m not in school or working in my field, I forgot how much I love editing other people’s work. I try to write every day, so I haven’t had the opportunity to miss writing but I haven’t had to edit anyone else’s work in a few months. My dear friend is taking a class that requires her to write a huge research paper, a class I know and remember all too well. She asked me to edit her intro and at first I was like ‘ughhh’ because as a journalism major with an english minor, I got asked to edit a lot of people’s work. Once I actually started editing it though, I was on a roll, I couldn’t be stopped. (Sorry, Katie!) I forgot how much I loved editing other people’s work! Keep those research drafts comin’ KP!


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