Fall Scarecrow Wreath

Continuing on my Fall/Halloween decorating binge, today I made a Fall Scarecrow wreath using materials I had lying around from my previous crafts. It’s even easier than the Fall Broomstick, which I’ve made three of already!


You will need:

1- 9 inch round styrofoam wreath.

Approximately 2 ft. Burlap about 5 inches thick

1 Mini Scarecrow. I got mine for $1 at Dollar General. He had a stick attached to him but I broke it off! They also have these little guys for around $1.50 at Hobby Lobby.

Misc. Decorations

Glue Gun/Glue Sticks


1) Wrap your burlap around your wreath. Gluing at beginning and end.


wpid-20130918_145210.jpg2) Using your glue gun, glue your scarecrow in a sitting position in the inside of your wreath. I also glued his legs onto the bottom of the wreath, and his arms to the sides.


3) Using your glue gun, glue your misc. decorations on! I used fake leaves and a cute raffia bow! I didn’t even glue the leaves in, just shoved them into the burlap!


This guys is currently hanging out on my back door, too cute!



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