Ribbon Halloween Wreath

Due to my limited budget, I literally sketched out my Halloween and Fall decorations for inside and outside. These plans included a Halloween Wreath and a Thanksgiving Wreath. Wreaths can be pretty pricey, normally around $20-$30. So, I set out searching for a cute DIY wreath on Pinterest. My wreath is a combination of several wreaths that I liked.


you will need:

1- 12in. round foam wreath (I found mine at Wal-Mart for $3.99)

5- 15 yard rolls of Halloween Ribbon (I had four different 15 yard rolls and then had to use some black yarn at the top!)

‘Spooky’ Word Hanging (I found this one at Hobby Lobbyf or $2.99, they had other words!)


1) Measure out and cut your ribbon. I measured mine by making each cut the width of the wreath. See photo. I cut all the ribbon in advance.

wpid-20130914_131900.jpg2) Using a pattern of your choice, tie your ribbons around the wreath, I double knotted mine.


3) If you have 5 ribbon spools, you should have enough to make it all the way around. I wrapped my top with some black yarn because I was running low on ribbon. The last step is to tie the ‘Spooky’ word hanging on. I did this by attaching an extra ribbon.


If you’re wondering how this fits into my decorating plan, it’s going on my front door! More updates on that later!

Happy Saturday!


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