Friday Five


American Horror Story gets the number 1 spot for today’s Friday Five because it’s insanely good and because today is Friday the 13th. I loved seasons one and two and cannot wait for the third season to start in October. I brag up this show to all my horror loving friends because it is seriously good! Since today is Friday the 13th, I think I’ll start re-watching seasons one and two while drinking some Hallowine and I might even make caramel corn. The only thing that could be better is if I had a good ole pal by my side.


I know, I’m like every 18-25 year old girl ever, and I’m totally falling for the marketing scheme but are #PSL’s not the greatest things ever?! They get the number 2 spot this week because I got to enjoy my first of the season on our car ride home last weekend. If you don’t know what a PSL is well you’re probably not a female between the ages of 18-25. A PSL is a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks. I couldn’t have been happier on the car ride home, PSL in hand. ALSO, I noticed that they have a Chocolate Chai Latte this year! This will pose a tough decision during my next visit.


My cat Smokey is next up on the Friday Five because…just look at her. I’ve had Smokey since 6th grade and now that I’m all grown up and moved out she still lives with my parents. She’s a very moody cat but she’s mine and I love her. She was pretty mad at me a few weekends ago when I brought Pip home but I’ve honestly never seen her so calm around another animal. She didn’t once try to attack him and we didn’t have to keep her locked up all weekend. She just did her own thing and let Pip do his. A sign she truly does love me. 🙂


TOMS Nepal Boots are number four on the Friday Five. I debated even putting them up because of the steep price of $114 but look at them! I have a growing collection of TOMS shoes, I’m wearing a brown houndstooth pair with gold threading in them as we speak! Ever since my boyfriend got me my first pair two summers ago, I’ve been addicted. They’re comfy and adorable! I was so excited to see they finally came out with these cute boots, but was not so excited about the price. As much as I adore them, these boots will be on my Someday List for a very long time.

swamp-tree1Number 5 on today’s Friday Five is sticks. Yes, sticks! I love decorating with sticks and finding sticks, twigs and logs that I can make into something totally rad. I also appreciate my boyfriend and his dad’s willingness to find me branches of certain sizes for various craft activities. I found sticks to use as curtain rods. I have an end table made out of sticks. I have a wall decoration made out of sticks. I recently found two great looking pieces of drift wood that I can’t wait to turn into something! I can’t wait to try out a Pinterest craft I saw that involves gluing twigs around a small vase. I also can’t wait to make a Halloween Tree on my front porch with this seriously cool branch I have just acquired. STICKS FOR DAYS!

Happy Friday everyone, I hope your weekend is full of adventure and things you love!


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