The Reappearance of the Drunk Barbie Birthday Cake


For my friend Kelcie’s 21st birthday over a year ago, I decided to make her a ‘Drunk Barbie Birthday Cake’. How fitting for a 21st birthday? I first saw the idea on Pinterest and was looking for any excuse to make it.

The cake above consists of a store bought Funfetti cake mix and vanilla frosting. The letters that spell ‘Happy birthday Kelcie’ I found at a grocery store. I bought the cheapest Barbie I could find. After the cake was cooled and frosted, I simply tossled the Barbie’s hair a little bit and placed her in a ‘drunk’ position on the cake.

I recently had another very dear friend turn 21 years old, a birthday she has been awaiting a very long time. I knew the Drunk Barbie Birthday Cake had to make a reappearance.

This cake is a store bought red velvet cake mix with cream cheese frosting, so yummy! I used food coloring to make some frosting black and piped the letters onto this cake! I didn’t use a ‘Barbie’ for this one because I found this doll really cheap and thought I could make her work.

If you have any friends turning 21, make them the Drunk Barbie Cake, it’s always a hit!



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