Friday Five

1239461_10201392845215110_1341320089_nNumber 1 on today’s Friday Five is my puppy, Pip.  I may seem obsessed with this dog but I mean, just look at him. Plus I’ve been waiting for my very own puppy for 23 years, I’m allowed some excitement. Pip is number 1 today because I wanted him to have the first number 1 spot on my first Friday Five post. He’s curled up beside me eating my pillow as I write this blog post. Pip’s puppy dad is okay too, my boyfriend should get some mention in the number 1 spot. 😉


Number 2 on the Friday Five is scarves. In Wisconsin the morning’s have been feeling like fall, finally! This week the weather has been cool enough for me to wear light cotton scarves and not look totally crazy. I love scarves so I can’t wait to start donning some big warm and cozy ones this fall and winter. The scarf pictured above is available via Scarf Guru on Etsy. Scarf Guru has some other pretty cute and cozy ones. I couldn’t help but notice the shop owner is from Wisconsin, so of course she understands the need for cozy scarves in the winter and fall.


Number 3 is Pinterest inspired Fall/Halloween decorations. I finally have a nice duplex that I can decorate to my heart’s desire, within my budget. I’ve used Pinterest as a reference to help me plan and sketch out my front and back porch decorations for this year. If you haven’t been able to tell by my fall related craft posts this week, I’ve already gotten a head start on decorating and Pinterest has allowed me to find some awesome crafts that I can make myself and save a ton of money on!


Air plants are number 4 today. Yes, that’s right AIR PLANTS, plants that don’t need dirt! I first heard about these through a friend at work. She said she had owned hers for awhile and the only maintenance it required was soaking it in some water every now and then. Ever since that conversation I’ve been finding a TON of cool things to do with them and it turns out they are pretty trendy right now. You can buy a ton of cool pots for them; knitted pots, shell pots, wooden pots, terrariums, all sorts of cool stuff. I have the perfect air plant project up my sleeve. I just know the project will look great in my living room but I can’t justify the expense so my air plant project will have to wait…but it will happen!


Number 5 on the Friday Five is adventure. I love going on adventures, even mini adventures because those are the most reasonable and affordable kind of adventures! My boyfriend and I are packing up his jeep tonight to head to my parents for the weekend, a three hour drive. I get so excited for these trips. I love packing up the jeep, the puppy, the snacks and downloading new tunes for the drive. I love the drive because even though we were at my parents last weekend, every time we drive to my parents I feel like a little kid on Christmas. I’m hoping to visit a certain candy shop, High Street Sweets,  this weekend while I’m home. I’ll also be celebrating two very special birthday’s this weekend. So many mini adventures packed into one great weekend!

Hope your weekend is full of adventures and things you love!


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