A Desk Makeover

One more blog today, since I didn’t have one yesterday! Ooops! So, as you may or most likely may not remember, I began a doing a makeover to a desk I found at a resale shop. Whenever I drove by that shop for a week straight I saw the darn thing and knew I needed. I finally found the perfect excuse for it, caved and began its makeover.

wpid-20130817_225156.jpg(Here she is ^ pre makeover)

It’s missing a drawer because I got anxious and started the makeover before I took a ‘before’ picture.

First, I went out and bought different styles of cute tape. I bought three of my four rolls at Wal-Mart, where it was called ‘Paper Tape’ and cost 99 cents a roll. The hot pink was Duct Tape brand so it cost a little more, but I also got more of it! I’m too lazy to dig for the tapes to tell you specifics about them, but if you MUST know, ask and I will tell. 🙂

So I took out all of the drawers except the very bottom one, and ‘taped them’ using a certain pattern with my different tapes.

wpid-20130818_153046.jpg(This is how the drawers turned out.)

Next, I took the desk to my basement, removed the drawers and painted the whole thing an ‘ice cream’ color. The people who rented our place before us left the paint, score!

I painted the knobs on the drawers the ice cream color, as well as the whole bottom drawer.

THEN, I saw that little piece of wood going across the bottom and thought, “Too paint? OR To tape?” I ended up taping it because I thought it would be a nice way to tie the drawers in with the rest of the desk. Right, I was! How cute is this thing? It’s my new craft station and I can’t wait to get all set up with a matching chair and fill it with craft supplies!


I’m still not sure it’s done. It seems like it might want me to add more to it. I was thinking remove the bottom drawer and put a different bin in there? Or maybe paint it with chalkboard paint? Any suggestions? Have you done any similar projects?

PS- I decided to start doing a ‘Friday Five’ post on Friday’s. The Friday Five post will be five of my favorite things of the week. ‘Things’ can include places, products, people or even moments. I figured it would be a good way to step back from all the crafting & cupcakery to focus on how good I’ve got it, and to share with you a little bit of what’s behind the crafting & cupcakery! Look for the first FRIDAY FIVE post, tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “A Desk Makeover

  1. Very cute Megan. I think it’s done! Although I do like the basket in the picture where the bottom drawer is out… It makes a nice balance of having some negative space too…

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