Fall Broomstick

Yes, another FALL project! You will see a lot of these in the next few months. I was so excited with the way this one turned out, I want to make them for everyone I know. This Fall Broomstick would look good hung on a door, set on a doorstep or next to a fireplace! I don’t know why my photos are turning out so small! Until that gets fixed check out my Instagram account for a better view of the photos!

20130902_143051For this project you will need:

1 cinnamon broom- I found mine at Dollar General for $4. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a ‘cinnamon’ broom but the smell makes it more fun!

1 wood letter cut out of your last initial.  I found this white K at Hobby Lobby for $1.99. You could paint if you want!

Decorative berries- I found my berry decorations in the Fall section at Hobby Lobby.  They ended up being about .60 a piece, I bought three of them.

Scarecrow- I found this little scarecrow also for about .60 at Hobby Lobby in the Fall section. Go now, while everything is 40% off!

Ribbon of your choice. I used burlap ribbon.

Scissors, Hot Glue Gun, Twine



1) Insert your berry stems into the broom. I was able to slip mine right into the bottom twine in my broom. Mine fit nice and snug but you may need to use some hot glue to secure them.


2) Attach your wooden letter to the broom. I attached mine at the end where the broom meets the handle. I glued twine on the back and then tied it.


3) Attach your bow wherever you would like it! Mine looked cute at the top. I just tied the bow right around the broom, no glue necessary!


4) Glue your scarecrow to the back of the letter. I just hot glued the back of the ‘K’ then attached the scarecrow where he looked the cutest.


Honestly, how cute is this thing?!


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