Fall Blocks

Can you tell that I like fall yet? And guess what? It’s September, I’m that much closer to not looking like a crazy person for my FALL obsession! Luckily, I have some friends who are just as crazy about fall as I am. I got to visit my parents and some of my best friends for the first time in a little over a month. This is a long time for me!

Saturday was dedicated to crafting. Along with drinking hallowine, eating my Dad’s famous caramel corn and burning incense in the O’Connell kitchen, we created these totally ADORBS Fall Blocks. I won’t often use the made-up word ‘ADORBS’ but it’s totally fitting!



4 wooden blocks. Mine our 4×6 inches.

Orange Paint


White paint

One long tree branch, about 1 inch centimeter, cut into four  ‘stems’

Raffia, fake leaves, ribbon and whatever you would like to decorate the top!

how to:

1) Paint your blocks orange. I used a sponge to paint my blocks and used the paint as a more of a stain. I only used one layer.


2) Using a pencil, trace your letters onto your dried blocks.

3) Paint your ‘fall’ letters, whatever color you would like. I used a champagne color.

4) Next, I used a piece of sandpaper to round all the corners and make the edges look worn.


5) Using a hot glue gun, glue your stems onto your blocks. The stems make each block look like a pumpkin! The photo below shows the difference between a sanded block and an un-sanded block. Also, it shows what the stems look like!


6) Last but not least, decorate your tops! You can skip this step if you like a more clean cut looked but I wanted to jazz mine up! I wrapped each stem with a few pieces of raffia, then glued a big bow on each one. Plus, a few other little decorative details…the sunflower and leaves!


If you have any questions about what brands and products that were used in this project, feel free to ask! How cute of a gift would these make?!

PS- If you’re wondering about the ‘Hallowine’, it’s an apple cider wine made in Door County, WI and can be purchased online here 


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