A Pip Update

Pip is 12 weeks old today, Happy 12 week old birthday Pip!!!


It’s crazy to see how much he’s grown. It doesn’t seem like it when you see him every day, but already when you look back at pictures you can see how much he’s grown!


(^ This was Pip at 6 six weeks.)

Not only has Pip got bigger, his personality keeps growing! He’s smart and dopey at the same time. He runs into a lot of things but he already can sit and stay. We’re still working on house training him. For the most part he is pretty good about not going potty inside but he keeps having a few accidents.


He loves exploring with his best pal, Winnie. He has done a lot of traveling in his four weeks with us but he loves every second of it. He can now ride in his kennel in the car without having any accidents or without barking. He has gotten to meet both sets of his ‘puppy grandparents’ and he loves all the attention!

wpid-20130824_173327.jpg wpid-20130824_163825.jpg wpid-20130824_163833.jpg


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