Painting on Ceramic Mugs

Do you ever see the tutorials on Pinterest that tell you to use Sharpie markers on ceramic mugs then bake them in the oven? Don’t do it! That doesn’t work!


This picture is of my Sharpie and mug experiment. I was so excited about it. I spent a lot of time decorating the mug. I put it in the oven and baked it at the required temperature for the required time. The red on my mug turned this interesting yellow color. The change in color I could deal with. I let the mug cool once I took it out of the oven and was very sad when the Sharpie started smearing and rubbing off where I touched it. The mug was a gift for my boyfriend, but is now used only as a desk decoration because it can’t be washed. 😦

My solution comes to you from my sister-in-law, Annie. She decorated us mustache mugs. She used Aunt Martha’s Ballpoint Embroidery Fabric Paint to paint the mustaches on. The pens are really cool because they come in all colors and you can just DRAW your design right on the mug because the paint is like a ballpoint pen! AND, it won’t wash off!


Aunt Martha’s Ballpoint Embroidery Paint

Ceramic Mug


Draw your design on your mug, let dry and enjoy!


One thought on “Painting on Ceramic Mugs

  1. Hahaha I was featured in a super hip blog and I had no idea!! Just remember to handwash painted mugs and don’t use the dishwasher 😉

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