Pallet Gardening

Over the past few summers I have developed a love and passion for gardening. I love watching things grow from a seed. I love placing a seed in the ground and watching it develop into something beautiful. Even more, I love being able to reap what I sow. I love gardening vegetables and other edibles because I LOVE being able to cook and bake with what I plant.

 For the past two years I have had the luxury of planting a garden in my parents backyard. This year however,  I am living three hours away from my parents in a duplex. Though we have a backyard, we do not have a backyard I am allowed to dig up and plant stuff in. After digging through Pinterest I found a lot of people planting flowers and herbs in pallets and I thought, “Aha!” So I set out on my quest to find a pallet and plant some veggies and herbs in it!




1) Find an old wooden pallet. I ended up getting one from Fleet Farm for $5.00 but you can frequently find mills and factories who would be happy to give you a pallet or two. Some people are particular about how the pallet was used before it ended up in their hands (ie. whether it had been previously treated with chemicals). If you are worried about this I would recommend buying a pallet directly from a manufacturer.


2) Purchase landscaping fabric. I only needed a few yards but it was convenient to just buy a whole roll because I knew I would find a use for it eventually.


3) Attach the landscaping fabric to the bottom and SIDES of the pallet. It’s important to do the sides of the pallet so your soil doesn’t wash out during waterings or heavy rains. I measured my pallet and cut the fabric accordingly. Then attached it with a staple gun. The easiest way I can think of to describe the process is to wrap it like you’re wrapping everything but the top of a present and place a staple where you would place tape! Really technical, I know!


4) Fill with soil. My one pallet needed 5 bags of soil! I would never have thought to buy that much but my boyfriend calculated it out and of course ended up being right. Note: Before you fill your pallet with soil make sure it is located where you want it to be! The pallet will be more difficult to move after you have filled it with soil.


5) Depending on whether or not you have planted seedlings or are buying already started veggies, herbs or flowers, transplant them to your pallet when the time is right. Most stuff should be planted in late spring and early summer. For an accurate transplant calendar use a resource such as


6) Water your garden daily!


What’s in my garden?

In my pallet garden I planted parsley, chives, green beans, peas, jalapenos, green peppers, and marigolds to try to keep the rabbits away! In addition to my pallet garden I used a topsy turvy my boyfriend’s Mom had laying around to plant a tomato plant! I have seen many people plant tomatoes the same way using an old bucket. My little apartment garden ended up being perfect for my current needs!


2 thoughts on “Pallet Gardening

  1. I love these!! I’ve always wanted one spilling with flowers.
    Question: Do you just happen to have a staple gun lying around? Is this something I should have/will use often??

  2. There are many uses for a staple gun, just ask Lynn O’Connell! I don’t have one but I wish I did. I was pounding nails in this thing and my neighbor came over with a staple gun! Haha!

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