Fairy Homes

Last year I worked at a nonprofit arts organization in Mineral Point, WI. Through this experience I was able to learn about Fairies and further, Fairy Homes. The Director of the Youth Program at Shake Rag Alley encouraged all employees to create a Fairy Home during their time at Shake Rag. I created a Fairy Home last summer and it is currently on display in the living room of my duplex.

Fairy Homes have a big history at Shake Rag Alley! They have workshops on making them and even a Fairy Home Tour and auction where you can buy Fairy Homes created by others.


 Part of the magic of the Fairy Homes is the magical personality of the women who spread the Fairy love, Di Sterba and her partner in Fairy Home making, Tatiana!

I went back to Shake Rag to volunteer at an event a few weekends ago and could not resist the urge to make another Fairy Home. This time I was able to share the experience with a good friend. I was so happy with the finished product and couldn’t wait to place it next to my already existing Fairy Home. On my way back to my parents house, where I was staying for the weekend, I got to thinking about how much my Mom would love the new Fairy Home I had just made. I decided to leave my new Fairy Home at my parents house with my Mom because I knew she would love it and I thought it would be a great way for us to stay connected, through our Fairy Homes! She loved her Fairy Home and she’s always calling me to tell me about additions she has made to it. Fairy Homes are a great craft to release your creative energy and they encourage and inspire you to use nature as your craft store!

Warning: Fairy Homes are a very addicting craft. Now that I have made two I want to keep making them and giving them away as gifts to spread the Fairy Love!


1 round ‘wood cookie’

4 sturdy sticks, about one foot in length.

A drill

Hot glue

Pine cones, leaves, moss, shells, bark, rocks, etc…


1) First you will need to drill 4 holes in your wood cookie large enough to place your sticks in.

2) Using hot glue, adhere your 4 sticks into the holes in your wood cookie.

3) If you want a two-story Fairy Home, create a second ‘story’ by attaching a small sheet of bark or a glued-together layer of twigs  right in the middle of your sticks. When I glue my sticks in, I try to line them up if they have little notches or stubs that will work well for attaching my second ‘story’ on.

4) Create and glue away! Once you have your base down your Fairy Home will start creating itself. I tend to start by creating furniture; bed, stool, table, etc…Check out my photos for some ideas to get you started!

*A wood cookie is a  flat slab from a tree trunk, about two inches thick with a diameter around 8-12 inches. If you don’t know anyone with a chainsaw and a dead tree, search your backyard to see what else you can come up with for a base. Also, if you check your local compost site you’re sure to find stumps you can cut up and maybe some that are already cut. You could also use a slab of wood from your local lumberyard.

Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions!

wpid-20130714_174406.jpg wpid-20130714_174359.jpg wpid-20130714_174408.jpg wpid-20130714_174412.jpg wpid-20130714_174414.jpg wpid-20130714_174419.jpg wpid-20130714_174856.jpg wpid-20130714_174922.jpg


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