I did it! After five years of hard work and dedication I finally arrived at the milestone of my twenties, I graduated college! It was a fun-filled day with friends family, cake and a fake diploma. The arrival of this day came with many tough decisions and mixed emotions. Should I take a job offer or should I move with my boyfriend? Should we live in an apartment or a duplex? Should we settle for jobs or wait around for the perfect job? At the end of the day, I knew that as long as we were together we would make it work and we would undoubtedly be happy, the tough decisions in the end would work themselves out with guidance from ourselves and our families. We are moving away from our college town in a week to a new town where my boyfriend has a job lined up. Until I find a job I will spend my time diligently searching and working on some freelance writing. The thought of no job prospects is a bit scary for me but for now I will just be happy with this accomplishment and hope that it will bring me one step closer to achieving my long term goals and dreams.


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